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Sensar (Batwing) - Crank is angled
Date Modified: 2009-01-30

I have a 2001 travel trailer, 24 feet if that makes any difference. It has a Winegard Sensar RV antenna on it. My problem is that the antenna will not crank up. The shaft coming through the ceiling is at a slight angle. You can turn the crank about half a turn, and then it stops. I want to fix the unit, but I don't know what parts to order for it. 

Tech Tip:
If the crank is crooked and you are only able to turn it ½ a turn it is most likely making contact with the inside of your roof. Take the interior parts of the system out and look at the directional handle. If it shows signs that it is rubbing it can cause this. Otherwise, spray the gears on the roof with a silicone spray lubricant to clean the gunk out of them.

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