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MV3500A - w/ 2 DVR's
Date Modified: 2009-04-20

I have the Winegard Movin' View MV3500A and the Winegard entertainment select video distribution switch model VS-0604/VS-6412. Is it possible to hook up two DVR's in my RV with this system? If it is what do I need to get two cables to each DVR? Do I need a multiswitch or another method?

Tech Tip:
Unfortunately, the MV3500A was not designed to run four tuners without quite a bit of extra set up and a few extra components. I do not recommend trying to use the MV3500A with more than two tuners. A DVR is a two tuner receiver. If you want to try we can send you the information you will need and then you would need to contact your programming provider for the appropriate multiswitch.

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