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DS-4248 - No Audio
Date Modified: 2009-04-17

I recently purchased a Winegard satellite antenna for use when we are on the road in our RV. I have a clear picture, however I have no audio. I have checked all the normal things, mute and connections etc. In fact, I can transmit the vidio from the receiver to the TV by coax or three wire Video connection but I can not receive audio. I am receiving sattelite 119 both odd and even transponders. Am I on track with what I am doing or is there some simple thing I have overlooked?

Tech Tip:
The problem is either in the TV, the Receiver, or the cable between them. You have replaced the cables so that is not the issue. At this point you will want to look in your television owner’s manual for troubleshooting ideas on this. If that fails, you will need to contact Dish Network and have them look into this. When you talk to them DO NOT tell them you are using this on the road or in a vehicle or they will not help you. If you have a picture, the dish is working.

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