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YA-1713 - Stacked Vertically
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I am trying to stack vertically two YA-1713 antennas for VHF Channel 9. I have them 61 inches apart. The coax feed from each is 5 feet long to a Winegard CC-7870 combiner. The bottom antenna is 10 ft above a metal roof. Do I have them at the right distance apart? I am not seeing much improvement over a single YA-1713.

Tech Tip:
The vertical spacing for your antennas should be at 42” which is 2/3 of a wavelength for channel 9. A full wave length would be 61’’ but we stack at 2/3 wave length to obtain 3dB gain. It is also possible that the bottom antenna may be seeing a reflection off of the metal roof. Try raising the stack 3-4 feet higher.

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