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SS-2000 - Non-powered performance
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I want to get an off-air UHF antenna for HDTV and am attracted to the SS-2000 unit. We are only about 2.5 miles from the transmitter that we are most concerned about picking up. However, there is not a direct clear line of sight - the crest of a hill and lots of trees. Will the SS-2000 function as an un-amplified antenna if the power unit is not connected? Are there any disadvantages to using an amplified antenna if you do not really need amplification (other than wasting electricity)?

Tech Tip:
You can not use the SS-2000 antenna without power since you will reduce your signal level by about 85-90% unpowered. The antenna I would suggest for you is the HD-1080 or better yet the HD7695P since you have a hill between you and the towers. If need be then I would suggest the model HDP-269 preamplifier for use on either antenna.

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