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HD8200U - Antenna, AP-8700 Preamp
Date Modified: 2009-04-18


I've recently bought a Winegard  HD8200U in anticipation of the digital conversion coming next month. There are lots of hills and trees between us and the towers. My question is do I need a preamp or a distribution amp? We have approximately 50' of coax before it connects to a splitter (for two tvs), and then 25' and 10' of coax connecting the TV's. According to your descriptions both overcome loss of lengthy coax. So what is the difference, and which one do I need to improve reception?

Tech Tip:
I would recommend the AP-8700 preamplifier in your case. The preamplifier will amplify and build up the signal at the antenna before the downlead cable has a chance to reduce your signal strength. If you use a distribution amplifier inside house after the downlead has reduced the signal we can bring it back with the distribution amplifier.

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