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RS-2000 - FM Trap
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I haven't purchased the RS-2000 yet, but I have a question regarding compatibility of antennas in the mobile area. 

As you probably know, the RS-2000 (your Roadstar RV/Van mobile amplified antenna) is configured for the standard 75 ohm impedance of conventional TV's antenna input. However, I am wondering whether it is advisable to connect the second lead to my in-dash receiver (i.e. for fm radio reception). As I understand it, "car radios" have an input impedance of 50 ohms.

I have found a source that sells a F-connector to Motorola antenna plug. While that'll get me converted over plug and cable wise, the question remains if it will work as desired.  Would I likely get better or worse reception than a standard car radio antenna?

Tech Tip:
The RS-2000 antenna has a built in -18dB FM trap to reduce (-87%) of the incoming FM signal before it reaches the amplifier. In your case you will receive much better signal from a standard FM whip antenna.

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