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MATV - Digital Conversion
Date Modified: 2009-04-20

Have you heard of any analog to digital converters? Condos and apartment buildings have analog signal security cameras. The one I just spoke with uses channel 2. They have an antenna system that I installed about 15 years ago and as their tenants install converter boxes they are loosing the security camera. I explained to him about analog feed through on the converters but he would like to solve the issue for even those who don't have analog feed through converters. Do you know of a solution? I told him that he may have to go to a digital signal security system.

Tech Tip:
I would suggest the use of a 2-way splitter with the digital converters.  The cable drop from the MATV system would be connected to the input of a 2-way splitter.  One of the splitter outputs would be connected to the input of the digital converter and the other would be connected to the television tuner input.  The output from the digital converter, in this case, would be the video/audio cables to an video input on the television.  The viewer would select the video input to view digital broadcast television stations and Ch 2 to view the security camera. 
All televisions manufactured in the last 10 years have at least 2 video/audio inputs.  I would say that nearly all the tenants have at least this type of television.  Where these are not available or cannot be made available for use with the splitter in the MATV cable drop, there is no choice but to use an analog pass-through digital converter.

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