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AP8800 AP8780 Voltage Regulation
Date Modified: 2009-01-30

I am in the process of replacing my TV antenna & infrastructure.

I am replacing the antenna rotor, likely with a setup which includes a motor power input via the coax connection, rather than via a separate power supply cable.

The power supply voltage is rated at 18 VDC. The cable distance between the motor (antenna) and the controller is nominally about 55 feet, so the voltage as applied at the motor/antenna location will be less, almost certainly 17V, or possibly slightly less.

The rotor specification includes an optional coax connection between the motor and a preamplifier with a voltage supply as above.

I am unable to browse up the voltage requirement specifications for either the AP8800 or the AP8780 model preamplifiers. The output voltages for the power supply(s) are not published.

Tech Tip:
All Winegard preamplifiers have voltage regulator is them to regulate the incoming DC voltage +12 VDC used in the amplifier. The most important consideration is how much current is available at the amplifier connection of the rotor? The amplifiers you are looking at will draw about 60 -80 milliamps of current.

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