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HD7210P - Ghost Killer - Freezing, Skipping
Date Modified: 2009-04-18


I live near a power line easement and when I first moved here I discovered severe "ghosting" regardless of a good antenna and directional changing. The Winegard Ghost Killer did an amazing job clearing that up. Just lately I've started to get not only on newer added stations but even the older stations a "pixel-ating" or freeze/skipping and it really interupts viewability. Could it be "them" (broadcast signal problem) or interference? And what product might help me that would still maintain the "ghost" solution for my proximity to (big) power lines?

Tech Tip:

I have experienced the heat of the Texas sun in Dallas and 15 years of exposure for either the antenna's plastic parts or the PVC jacket of the coaxial cable may be all that can be expected from the product.  Given last year's hurricane in Houston, I suspect the antenna has seen better days. Try replacing the connector and check the orientation of the antenna, this a low-cost way to know if there is any useful life left in the antenna/cable. 

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