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RCDT09A - Antenna and Cable
Date Modified: 2009-02-05

I have a 5th wheel which has two non-digital TV's. My question is how do install a digital converter box without having to disconect it each time as I switch from antenna to cable?

Tech Tip:

You need to purchase a digital converter box such as the Winegard RCDT09A which has the analog by-pass. What this means is that if you want to watch cable you turn the RCDT09A off and it will allow the cable signals to pass through it. The proper way to install the RCDT09A is to install it between your wall plate and the TV set. The cable from the wall plate goes to the "antenna in" on the RCDT09A and the "RF/TV out" goes to the back of your TV set. The RCDT09A is set on channel 3 from the factory so your TV set needs to be on channel 3 in order for you to see the menus.   

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