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Which Omni-Directional Antenna?
Date Modified: 2009-04-21


I want to purchase a Winegard HDTV antenna for my mother. What omni-directional antenna would you recommend? There are places to put it and mount it so that isn’t an issue. I just wouldn’t want her to have to get up and try to move it around to get a signal every time she changes the channel. I’ve had a Winegard UHF/VHF antenna on a thirty foot pole for years on a rotator and it works flawlessly. That is why I want to purchase another Winegard product because I know the quality is the best.

Tech Tip:
Winegard only has 2 models of an omni directional antenna. The MS-1000 is good for 0-20/25 miles and the MS-2000 which is good for 25-30/35 miles when installed outside in the open.

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