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HD-6010 - FM Antenna - Coax
Date Modified: 2009-04-17

You supplied a balun (300 to 75 ohms) to connect at the antenna which I have done. To that I connected my RG-6 cable (female F connectors on both ends) and brought it into my home. I am unable to find an adapter to connect to the end of the RG-6 cable (75 ohms) that gives me 2 wires to connect to the two FM antenna terminals on my Pioneer A/V receiver (it's looking for 75 ohms as input, (antenna and ground)). So far, Radio Shack and Crutchfield don't have one. Please advise.

Tech Tip:
I am not sure what you’re A/V receiver wants at the terminals. You may need to contact Pioneer about this. The coax cable is 75 ohms and normally you use a matching transformer (Winegard model TV-2900) just like the one used at the antenna to convert 75 ohm coax cable to 300 ohm and attach to the 2 screws on the back of the tuner.

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