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RD-9046 - No signal
Date Modified: 2009-01-30

We bought a Winegard RD-9046 and are unable to find a signal. We feel something may be wrong with the LNB, but we're not sure? What could be our problem?

Tech Tip:
Generally, when people first use this antenna, one of a few things prevents them from finding the signal.  
  1. The connection on the side your coach is made for Cable TV and will block satellite. Try running directly from the back of the receiver to the satellite dish.
  2. If you are not careful, your receiver can give you the wrong angles to use if you want to find anything. 
  3. The RD-9046 is only able to look at one satellite at a time. If you have a service that uses more than satellite you will need to set your receiver for a single satellite.
  4. For Dish Network you want Dish 300 and satellite 119
  5. For DirecTV you want Round Dish and Satellite 101

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