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RT1200S/T - In the trees
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I have a Winegard RT1200T on my RV. When I am traveling it works great. The issue I am having is when I park it seems to be searching for a signal and never connects. At times it is because of trees. Is there a means to hook up another dish for when I am parked? Or when I am parked are there additional steps I could take to make sure I have a connection?

Tech Tip:

The easiest way to connect a second satellite dish for those times when you are in trees is to get an RD-9046 portable dish. You will need to either add a new connection to run from the receiver to the dish or modify the cable connection on the side of your coach to work for satellite. To make this connection work, you will need make sure that the cable does not run through the antenna wallplate.

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