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RD-9946 - Positioner Issues
Date Modified: 2009-01-28

I bought a used RV with a Winegard RD-9946 already installed. The Positional will not power up or show any info on the screen. Is this a replaceable item? Also the RV is in a permanent location.

Tech Tip:
Sadly, that is the one terminal failure for that unit. Nearly every other issue can be repaired. The unit was discontinued in 1999 due to the difficulty we were having in finding parts for the positioner. Occasionally one of the positioners will show up on E-bay but we no longer have any parts to repair or replace that unit. If the RV is in a permanent location, you should be able to carefully and slowly aim the unit by hand and just leave it locked on the satellite or mount a home unit to replace it.

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