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RM-9946 - Won't Operate
Date Modified: 2009-04-21


I bought a Winegard RM-9946 for our camper. I have followed the installation instructions and I am ready to turn it on. Pressing the power button on the controller lights up both indicators for only a second then they go off and the roof unit doesn't move from the stowed position. However the TV is showing [searching for satelite]. How should I proceed?

Tech Tip:
One of three things is happening. 
  1. The ‘phone’ cable connected to the back of your wall plate is not fully connected
  2. The ‘phone’ cable is damaged.
  3. The electronics on the roof are damaged.
 If the cable is not connected all you need to do is plug it in again and make sure that it ‘clicks’ into place. If damage is suspected on either the cable or the electronics contact technical assistance.

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