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RD-9946 - w/ Dish 500
Date Modified: 2009-01-28

I've recently purchased an RV that is equipped with a Winegard RD-9946. I've tried to connect my home receiver, dish 500, ( model 311) and I think that it is incompatible due to the dual LNB dish that it is supposed to be working with. My RV antenna is single LNB. Do you offer any solution, either a dual LNB update or an adapter of some sort?

Tech Tip:

The RD-9946 was discontinued before Dish Network released their Dish 500 system. There is also no way to modify that system to be able to pick up multiple satellites at the same time. However, you can move it between the two satellites fairly easily. If you set your receiver for Dish 300 you can get the search angles for the 119 and 110 satellites separately. Once you have these, you just need to set the RD-9946 to search by elevation. The RD-9946 searches 3 degrees each pass so for example; if you want to find the 119 and it is slightly higher than the 110, search 2 degrees above the 119 to ensure that is the first satellite that you find.

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