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RV-7012 - No Satellites
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I have a question regarding the RV-7012 wall plate in my 5th wheel. When I connect to a cable source at a campground everything is fine. However, when I attempt to plug in a DirecTV dish to the same connector, I get no signal coming out from the wall plate. Is this normal? I tried replacing the RV-7012 thinking it had possibly gone bad but the new one does the same thing. When I bypass the RV-7012 I get signal just fine and can watch DirecTV.

Tech Tip:
The RV-7012 is working correctly. It is designed to protect the Park’s Cable System by preventing the 12-18VDC that the receiver sends the satellite dish from leaving your camper. Without this voltage you are not going to get a satellite signal, but this voltage would seriously damage the cable transformer.

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