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RV-3095 - (Sensar III) Leaking
Date Modified: 2009-01-24

I have a Sensar lll antenna installed on my RV and when I went to adjust the antenna the bottom plate came off in my hand along with the circular adjusting plate, the spring, and white plastic tube as well. I put the tube and spring back in place and tightend the plate with the setscrew and all appeared ok, but now when it rains water seeps out the bottom of the unit. Any idea on what I could have done?

Tech Tip:
The first thing to do is to determine exactly where the water is coming from. Remove the ceiling parts once again and see if the water is coming straight down the shaft or if it is coming down the sides of the hole. If the water comes from the sides, it is coming from a hole somewhere in the seal on the roof or possibly not even from the antenna but migrating from elsewhere. If the water comes straight down the center shaft, then the quad ring in the gear housing has failed and needs to be replaced. The easiest way to replace this is to replace the entire worm gear and shaft. The kit part number is RP-4000.

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