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RT1200S/T - Rain Performance
Date Modified: 2012-10-30

I have a king dome right now and it wont work in the rain.(even with the dome magic they say to spray on the dome) I have spent 3 days without TV because of rain, and this is ridiculous. I am trying to find an antenna that will work in bad weather or just plain rain or moisture in the morning. I was wondering if your RT series would work better in the rain than my king dome.

Tech Tip:
Unfortunately domes all have that problem to some extent. We generally only recommend them to people who need a satellite dish that will be getting most of its use while the RV is moving. Otherwise we recommend our TRAV’LER system. The TRAV’LER is an open faced dish so rain fade is almost never an issue. It is also able to receive all of the satellites for your programming at once rather than have to move back and forth between them. Check out the link for more information.

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