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RM-DM46 - Excessive Play
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I have a Winegard RM-DM46 system. It moves several inches left or right and more than 2 inches forward and backward on the pivot. It works great but it loses the picture in high winds. I was wondering if there was something that could be tightened.

Tech Tip:
To correct the problem you first need to determine where the problem is. With the dish elevated, gently place your hand on the top of the dish. Rock the dish front to back and roughly measure how far it moves. 1-1 ½ inches are normal and will NOT cause the dish to lose signal. More than 1 ½ inches of movement is a problem. To fix it tighten the set screw on the elevation gear inside the turret. Also rotate the dish left to right. More than 1/4th of an inch will cause the unit to lose signal in the wind. This can be corrected by changing the directional handle. Acquire a new directional handle and cut the new directional handle to be 1/8th inch longer than the one currently installed. If you don’t need to cut it, the handle is most likely too short and you need an extension. If you need an extension make sure you glue it to the directional handle to eliminate movement between the handle and extension. 

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