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DM-4000 - Star Choice Compatibility
Date Modified: 2012-10-30

I have a Winegard DM-4000 and I was wondering does your product work with Star Choice receivers? I have the unit on my trailer and cannot get a stronger signal than 25% on my Star Choice system. 

Tech Tip:
Our crank up unit will not work with Star Choice without some modification and some effort each time you set it up. Star Choice uses a linear LNB which requires you to skew it based on your location. Our unit is designed for a circular LNB that doesn’t care. There are people who have modified our unit for use with Star Choice but we are not really involved in this so the best advise I can offer is to talk to your local RV dealer. We do offer an automatic system for use with Star Choice if you are interested check out the link below.

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