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MV3500A - Constant Toggling
Date Modified: 2009-04-20

After I get all set up at a new RV location I leave my Dish receiver plugged into AC power but turn it off when I am done watching. This causes the system to toggle back and forth between sat 110 and 119. To "fix" the problem I turned the system's power switch off to freeze the dish on just one satellite and then turned it on again when I wanted to watch programming the next time. This worked at first, but now the dish begins a new search for satellites. I was told by a tech support person that my Dish receiver must always have the "power on" not just have the receiver plugged into AC power. Otherwise the system loses LNB power and moves the dish around between sat 110 and 119 or even starts a new search for satellites. I did this last night, but later the dish began toggling back and forth between the two satellites.

Tech Tip:
The Dish will start a new search every time you turn it on even if it is already on the signal. Leaving the receiver plugged in should be enough. The problem you might be having is that in the middle of the night Dish Network sends programming updates to your receiver that require it to toggle between satellites. If the system is constantly moving back and forth it is often one of two problems.  
  1. The receiver is working off an old software version and needs to update. There should be a system info button on your remote or in your menu. 
  2. The receiver’s check switch is not set up properly for your satellite dish and it is causing issues when the unit toggles.  
To prevent the receiver from updating in the middle of the night, check your receiver manual for how to set the receiver to require it to prompt you for an “OK” to update. This should stop it from moving your dish in the night but may require you to spend a few minutes every few mornings updating programming.

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