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RM-DM46 - Reception Checklist
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I have a Winegard RM-DM46 and can't get any signal in the Rio Grande valley. My coach is out in open with no obstructions. I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

Tech Tip:
First are you or someone with you comfortable getting on the roof and checking the coax connected to the LNB for 12-18VDC? If not  find a dealer near you to help you with this.                                             The other things to look for are: Anything that might be blocking the signal; trees, buildings, telephone poles, cacti… Also make sure that the coach is level. If the base of the unit is not level it can throw your elevation angles off. Finally make sure that you take your compass reading at least 5 steps away from the coach. The metal in the coach will throw the compass off.

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