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RV-0742 - Receptacle issues
Date Modified: 2009-04-21


We received a complaint that this customer could not plug their cell phone charger into the 12 volt receptacle. Upon hearing that I went out and checked the units that we had in production and found the same thing. A normal 12 volt plug from a TV or charger would not go into the receptacle. We have a different receptacle in the bedroom and there we are able to plug in the charger. Are their 2 different sizes of outlets?

Tech Tip:

First, the plug is designed for a 12VDC Television and nothing else. Other uses can cause damage. The outlet is sized to be snug to avoid arching. The trouble is that the standard for the plugs does not have tight tolerances. This means that if we design it to be snug for the average TV plug, other plugs may not fit at all. We are redesigning the outlet to allow for a wider range of uses and this should make it possible to use a cell phone charger with the outlet. As for the plug working in another socket, these units are made in batches some outlets may have been on the snug side of the tolerance and some on the loose.

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