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Roof Mount RV Antenna - Leaks
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

Our RV was built in 2001. The Winegard antenna came with it and it is certainly out of warrenty. It has started just a small leak when we get 2" inches of rain like we did last night. The roof seam around the antenna base is caulked every year with the correct type of caulk. The caulk connection looks perfect. So, I'm concluding that the problem is in the base of the antenna itself. Is that possible? If so, is there some way to tighten the joint or is there a kit I could purchase? The joint seems a little wobbly.

Tech Tip:
The first thing to do is to take the interior parts of the antenna out and see if the water is leaking straight down the center shaft or if it is leaking around the outside of the hole. If the water is coming down the shaft, most likely the quad ring on the worm gear has cracked and will need to be replaced. If the water is coming from the outside of the hole the water is migrating from somewhere on the roof, and is not coming from the unit. Either way, you will want to lubricate the quad ring 3-4 times each year to keep it from getting brittle. To lubricate this ring just spray the gear housing on the roof with a silicone spray lubricant. DO NOT use WD-40 as it is a solvent and will eat your gears.

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