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RCDT09A - Why is my digital picture snowy
Date Modified: 2009-04-20

I have a 5th Wheel trailer with a Winegard crankup wing antenna and a Winegard Entertainment Select Box. I have hooked up the converter box by-passing the Entertainment Select Box. I now receive fewer stations than before I hooked it up, and the picture is not clear. My question is, will I be able to hook up the converter to pass through the Entertainment Select Box.

Tech Tip:
The picture from the digital converter should always be clear. The question is: Do you have static and snow on the TV screen or does the screen freeze and lock up? If you have static, this points to an issue between the converter and the television. This is most likely caused by a poor connection on one of the cables. However, freezing picture is caused by signal problems; either too much or not enough signal. Not all channels have made the switch to digital and in nearly every area there are a few that have not. The link below will help you determine which channels you should be getting in each area. Just enter the zipcode. 

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