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HD8200U Working at 80 Miles
Date Modified: 2009-07-31


First, thanks for a great & well made American product. Your HD8200U antenna succeeds in pulling in the new digital signal in my extreme pink zone from abount 80 miles to the main PBS affiliate I have it pointed at. Oddly, the signal sometimes drifts in and out, not timed to anything I am aware of, except sunset which is a weak time for reception. As you say, there is extreme directionality, & just a few degrees results in a different pallette of stations!

One of the things I'm wondering is whether two of these antennas can be ganged together for improved reception. And how would you make the connection to the antenna amplifier? Parallel or series if it would work at all? The idea would be to point the antennas in the two directions where most of the broadcast towers are located.

I really am at the limits of broadcast reception because my antennas are on top of a hill about two hundred yards from my house and require amplified coax to get the s! ignal to the tuner. I live out in a rural area of the Central Sierra which will never have cable. So this is the last gasp before going satellite. Thanks for any help.

Tech Tip:
Trying to combine 2 antennas pointed in two different directions would require the use of a Winegard CC-7870 coupler and you will loose -3.5dB (30%) of your signal from each antenna combining the signal. In other words it mostly would not work for you because you can not afford the 30% signal loss. Another problem trying to do this is you can cause multipath problems and now you actually have worse problems.  

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