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HD-1080 - Combining 2 1080's
Date Modified: 2009-03-30

I'm considering installing the Winegard HD-1080 antenna on my home. My issue is I have half of the stations in my area to the south & the other half to the north.  I'm considering 2 antennas; one facing north & the other south.  Would I attach the cable from each antenna to a splitter on the mounting mast, then run 1 cable down into the house?  How much signal strength would I lose doing this? I'll probably also add a second splitter once the cable enters the house for 2 different TV locations?

Tech Tip:
I would run separate cables into the house then combine the two separate leads at that point. This way if we need to do any trapping or other things to the signal you can do it all in the house. You will reduce your signal on each line by 3.5-4.0dB (30%) for each splitter you add. You may need an HDA-100 distribution amplifier between the two splitters to build up the signal.

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