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HD7694P - HD-6010 Combo
Date Modified: 2009-04-18


I purchased an HD7694P and mounted it on a telescoping mast. I would like to combine it with your FM antenna HD-6010. So far I have just measured the signal strength almost immediately off of the 7694P and I get 100% signal strength on all the channels that I want to receive from a digital tuner. I will run 75ft of RG-6 to a closet and split it out to about 5 other rooms. What would I need to combine the FM and TV antenna and do you think I would need a preamplifier at the antennas along with a distribution amplifier at the closet? Also how much vertical distance would I need to keep the 2 antennas apart?

Tech Tip:
If you are receiving nearly 100% on your digital channels at the antenna I would suggest that you measure the signal just before your splitter system. If you still have a strong signal at that point then you can use a distribution amplifier ahead of your splitters if need be. The model number I would suggest is the Winegard HDA-100 amplifier. If your signal is too weak before going into your splitter system then I would suggest that you install a HDP-269 preamplifier on your HD7694P antenna. As for the combining of your TV antenna and FM antenna I suggest that you use a CA-8800 TV/FM combiner between the output of the amplifier and the input to your splitter.  

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