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Winegard Company - 2-Way Interference Notice

  • Sensar Oscillation

  • Dear Winegard Customer, Winegard Company has received reports that some of our Sensar II television reception antennas may be emitting spurious signals. While these inquiries have been relatively few when compared to the number of Sensar II antennas in use today, Winegard Company takes this matter very seriously. Please note that this problem will not be apparent to you the consumer, as it typically does not affect the performance of the antenna. However, if this problem exists with your antenna it may cause interference to the two-way radio signals of other parties.

    As part of our normal program of long-term quality assurance, Winegard has been surveying various RV campgrounds, dealers, and rallies throughout the United States. When a problem is identified with a Winegard Sensar II antenna, it is replaced with a new antenna free of charge and a renewed two-year warranty.

    Winegard continues to search actively for and replace potentially affected antennas. Winegard is a responsible company and takes this matter very seriously. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

    If you have questions regarding this matter please call us at (800) 856-4350.

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