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Step 1: Enter Your Address In Location Box

Note: In some situations a rotor or multiple antennas may be required. To determine if this is true for your location click on the call letters of each station you wish to receive and make note of the compass direction. If your stations are rated as moderate or weak and have a difference in compass direction of greater than 45° we recommend calling Winegard Technical Services at 800-788-4417 for a more in-depth analysis.

Step 2: Select Stations To Receive

In the frame above where you entered your address on the left hand side you will now see a listing of channels available in your area. While you may be able to receive all of these channels it is important to review these channels to weed out any duplicates or channels you do not care to watch so that we can recommend the smallest and least expensive antenna to fit your needs.

For example, if there are two ABC stations listed above in your area and the first is rated as a Green (stronger signal) while the second is rated as a Brown (weaker signal), you can eliminate the duplicate ABC station that is harder to receive. Channels showing as No Signal can typically not be received.

After you have decided on the stations you wish to receive, select each corresponding color coded signal level and the band of your selections below.

Select Signal Levels: Strong Moderate Weak
Select Bands: Lo-V Hi-V UHF

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