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Save Money with a FlatWave Antenna

You can save thousands of dollars by dropping your cable or satellite in favor of a FlatWave indoor antenna. The average cable bill is $108 per month, and it’s expected to go even higher. One industry researcher, The NPD Group, reports that the average pay-TV bill will reach $200 a month by 2020. That’s a whopping $2,400 a year.

The high cost of cable and satellite has led to a national cord-cutting movement. Cord-cutters rely on HDTV antennas, Netflix, iTunes, and other Internet TV options. Clearly, a lot of people are evaluating whether or not cable and satellite is worth the cost. A study by Convergence Consulting Group has noted increasing numbers of consumers dropping cable service, and fewer subscribers signing up for services.

The FlatWave HDTV antenna is an affordable way to save money. The cost of a FlatWave antenna alone is less than a monthly cable bill. Discover the HDTV antenna that is right for your home and experience one of the easiest ways to save money.

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