“I think the product’s a win, I’ve been very pleased with it, very impressed with it. I think if you’re looking for a solution that is going to pull in [channels], this is something to look at.
- Maxxmentum (from YouTube)

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Amazon Reviews

FlatWave Indoor HDTV Antenna Reviews

Boston Globe

“No wonder more and more Americans are sticking with free over-the-air TV broadcasts. All you need is a TV and a good antenna, like this one [FlatWave].”
- Boston Globe | Read Full Review


“The FlatWave looks like no other TV antenna you’ve seen before.”
- CNET | Read Full Review

“…I picked up even more channels – about 40 – including three different PBS channels and some Baltimore affiliates. And more important, these channels were robust and did not break up.”
- USA Today | Read Full Review


“With more and more cable-cutting options available, such as the new Roku Streaming Stick and Google Chromecast, the Winegard FlatWave is one more tool sharpening my cable-cutting scissors. Snip, snip.” - Sound & Vision | Read Full Review

More Reviews

Amazon Logo

“It is really amazing product. Firstly it is so light and so thin, even transparent, which makes it easy to install on a window, or on wall. My TV now received 43 channels vs. around a dozen before using it.  I think it is as good as an outdoor antenna. Now I can enjoy so many channels, many in 1080p HD, for free. I will buy more for my other TVs.”
- J. Luo (from Amazon.com) | Read Full Review


“I love this antenna, works great (way better than the last one I had.)”
- John H. (from Newegg.com) | Read Full Review

Solid Signal

“The Winegard FlatWave delivered more channels, it seemed better built and it costs less.”
- Solid Signal | Read Full Review

“…if you’re an apartment dweller who wants or needs over the air broadcasts to cut the cable completely, the FlatWave HDTV antenna is a simple, effective tool that requires little set up.” – Technology Tell | Read Full Review

FlatWave Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna Reviews


“The antenna’s ultrathin design makes it much less intrusive than a traditional antenna, and at 13×12 inches and less than a pound, it can be more easily placed in unconventional areas to maximize TV reception. Yeah, we’ve come a long way since rabbit ears.” - CNET | Read Full Review

The FlatWave Amped HDTV antenna came out on top, easily receiving the most HD channels in our test.
- Popular Mechanics, 6 Indoor Antennas Reviewed | Read Full Review

Gadget Review

“Broadcast television used to be free and still is, providing you’ve a digital antenna that is worth its salt. Winegard’s FlatWave Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna does the job of bringing in TV signals efficiently. Whether to continue to pay for broadcast  TV or not is up to you.
- Gadget Review | Read Full Review

TV Predictions

“I purchased the FlatWave Amped about a month ago and couldn’t be happier. I picked up 34 stations in my area including 2 VHF channels that my old Leaf antenna couldn’t pick up. Bears games over an antenna look amazing!”
- James D. (from TV Predictions) | Read Full Review

Experimental Mommy

“We have definitely seen a difference compared to our old antenna. We can clearly get more local stations and they stay in turn. I like that it is flat and takes up very little space. Hubby loves that it is an HDTV antenna, so it gives a clearer picture.”
- Experimental Mommy | Read Full Review

Connected Digital World

“The amplifier helps with reception, and it performed quite well, pulling in channels from beyond its rated range…I gave it a 5/5 Gold Award.”
- Connected Digital World | Read Full Review

More Reviews

Giftery Blog

“Living half way up in a 6-story building and facing pretty much nothing but walls I figured it was a gamble for me to get anything, but my TV found over 100 HD channels in just two tries. Lots more than I expected and effectively all the major networks.”
- Giftery:blog | Read Full Review

TV Predictions

“This is the first time I’ve seen an indoor antenna promise to deliver signals from so far away.”
- TV Predictions | Read Full Review

HDTV Expert

“Winegard’s FlatWave flexible panel antenna was another solid performer from previous tests…I’d give the FlatWave a thumbs up.”
- HDTV Expert.com | Read Full Review

Amazon Logo

“Picture quality far better than anticipated. Fast, easy setup and cheap…If you’re tired of paying exorbitant monthly fees to cable or satellite (I know I was) get this.”
- Gail & Don (from Amazon.com) | Read Full Review

NeuFutur Magazine

“Winegard has ensured that their FlatWaved Amped would be paid for after the first month with this strong transmission quality, incredible amount of channels, and ease of use and installation.”
- NeuFutur Magazine | Read Full Review

ABC Channel 15I was able to access all of the local channels and even better, the quality was phenomenal. There was an area of my house where I was not able to access channel 12. I moved it into another room in my home[…] No way! I had access to all of the same local channels, including channel 12, and the picture quality was crystal clear.
- Daphne Munro | Read Full Review

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