FlatWave® Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna

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Enhanced dual band antenna features state of the art ultra low noise preamplifier embedded directly at the elements, where 100% of the signal is amplified. Innovative USB power supply provides energy savings by only consuming power while the TV is powered on.

  • Amplified HDTV reception up to 50 miles
  • Revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology™ provides ultra low noise figure – 1.0 dB
  • Receives more channels
  • Minimizes pixelation and dropouts
  • Extra long mini coax makes finding the ideal location easy
  • Dual band reception means you don’t miss out on channels that other compact UHF-only antennas do
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    ABC Channel 15

    I was able to access all of the local channels and even better, the quality was phenomenal. There was an area of my house where I was not able to access channel 12. I moved it into another room in my home[…] No way! I had access to all of the same local channels, including channel 12, and the picture quality was crystal clear.
    - Daphne Munro | Read Full Review

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  • Tech Specs

    FlatWave Amped Amplifier Noise Comparison

    • 50 mile range
    • High definition dual band VHF / UHF
    • Dimensions: 13″ x 12″
    • Weight: 0.60 lbs
    • Multi-directional
    • Embedded ultra low noise (1db) digital amplifier for the best antenna performance
    • 18.5’ mini 59 coaxial cable (attached to antenna for better quality)
    • 3’ USB power cable with 110V adapter
  • What’s in the Box?

    • Antenna with embedded low noise digital amplifier
    • 18.5′ mini 59 coaxial cable (attached to antenna)
    • 3′ USB power cable with 110V adapter
    • Two 3M™ Command™ Brand Strips
  • FAQs

    How do I run a channel scan?

    Using the television remote, select “Menu” and then “Settings.” Then, select “Channel Setup.” Select “Antenna” or “Air,” depending on your TV. Make sure you are not on “Cable.” Select “Channel Search” or “Channel Scan.” Keep in mind that steps to perform a channel scan may vary. If the wording in your TV differs from the options shown, refer to your TV user manual for help.

    Tip: Running a channel scan is NOT the same as pressing Channel UP/DOWN on your remote.

    When do I need to run a channel scan?

    To receive maximum programming, you have to run a channel scan after setting up the antenna.

    To keep your channel line-up up-to-date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly and anytime a channel is lost.

    How do I know where the signal is strongest?

    After connecting the antenna to the back of the TV, run a channel scan. Try the antenna in different locations, making sure to run a channel scan every time you move the antenna.

    Finding TV signal is similar to cell phone coverage. Sometimes walking a few feet can make a difference. The less obstructions and the higher the antenna is mounted, the better chance of receiving a strong signal.

    Where can I use the FlatWave Amped antenna?

    The FlatWave Amped antenna is versatile and can be used in metropolitan, urban, and rural areas within 50 miles of the broadcast tower.

    What is the difference between the FL5500A, FL5500F and FL5500Y?

    The FL5500A, FL5500F and FL5500Y are the exact same antenna. The only difference is the packaging.

    What channels can the FlatWave antenna receive?

    The FlatWave Amped antenna can receive programming from the major local broadcast networks (e.g. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS) plus additional networks (Qubo, ION, The CW, This TV, MyNetworkTV, Azteca, Telefutura, Univision, and Telemundo). The FlatWave Amped antenna can also receive local news, weather and educational programs that satellite and cable don’t offer. Availability may vary based on location and distance from the broadcast tower.

    How can I find out what channels are broadcast in my area?

    Check out dtv.gov/maps. On this site, you can enter your address and get a listing of likely channels available in your area.

    How many channels will I receive with the FlatWave Amped antenna?

    The number of channels will vary from location to location. Generally speaking, if you live in or near a metropolitan area you will receive more channels than if you live outside a metropolitan area.

    Each location is different. Keep in mind that antenna reception may vary based on terrain (including trees, buildings, hills and mountains). The fewer obstructions, the better your chance for receiving strong digital signal.

    Do I need to pay for programming?

    No—local programming received through an over-the-air antenna is free!

    Does the FlatWave Amped antenna work with any TV?

    The FlatWave Amped antenna works with any TV or device that has an ATSC tuner. Devices that have built-in ATSC tuners include TVs, laptops, PCs, some satellite receivers, and digital recording devices (DVRs).

    Tip: Any television manufactured after March 1, 2007 is required by U.S. government to have an ATSC tuner. If your TV menu has an option for scanning for digital channels, then your television has an ATSC tuner.

    Can I connect the FlatWave Amped antenna to multiple televisions?

    Yes. The FlatWave Amped antenna can connect to multiple televisions. Additional parts (not included) may be required to connect to multiple televisions.

    What parts are included with the FlatWave Amped antenna?

    The antenna includes an attached 18.5′ mini coax cable with USB power supply. In addition, the antenna includes a 3′ USB cable and 110V wall adapter.

    What are the dimensions of the FlatWave Amped antenna?

    The element is 12″ (height) x 13″ (width) and is only ~.02″ thick. The housing is .6″ thick.

    What color is the FlatWave Amped antenna?

    The antenna is black on one side and white on the other side.

    How do I set up the FlatWave Amped antenna?

    1. Place the antenna in the desired location.
    2. Connect the coax cable coming from the FlatWave Amped antenna to the “Antenna In” coax port on your TV. Plug the mini USB into the “USB PWR” port of the amplifier. Then, plug the regular USB into the USB port of the TV or of the 110V adapter. If plugging the USB into the 110V adapter, then plug the 110V adapter into a 110V outlet.
    3. Run a channel scan.

    Where should I mount the antenna?

    Hang the antenna on a window or a wall, or lay it flat on a table. For maximum reception, point the antenna at the broadcast tower of stations you want to receive. Keep in mind that digital signal may bounce off of objects. Run a channel scan each time you reposition the antenna, and mount the antenna wherever you receive the strongest signal.

    Is there anywhere that the antenna shouldn’t be mounted?

    The antenna is designed for indoor use only. The FlatWave Amped antenna is not meant to be mounted permanently outdoors or in the attic.

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