FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Amazon Reviews

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FV-30BB FreeVision Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Reviews

I just installed my second Winegard FreeVision Outdoor HDT Antenna (Model No. FVHD30H) that I purchased from the local Home Depot for $35. Let me assure you that, given generally level terrain, proper conditions, and exact directional installation, your advertised limit of “a 35 mile range of stations” (see FreeVision leaflet) is understated. With on FVHD30H directed southwest, I receive fifteen (15) channels from a distance of about sixty (60) miles. With the other FVHD30H directed northwest, I receive about thirty-five (35) channels from distances varying between fifty-five (55) and sixty-five (65) miles. Both antennas are mounted at roof level with a clear view toward the sky.
Clearly, Winegard has developed a simple but wonderful product that outperforms the company’s stated claims. Thank you for helping alleviate many of us from the burden and excessive cost of cable/satellite television. Unfortunately, my wife still clings to her Charter service, primarily for channels that offer children’s programs for the grandkids. But it is an older box that, in my mind, represents the very worst of what those companies have to offer (i.e., it is not high definition, the menu is awful to work with, and the picture “explodes” every time you change the channel). With my Winegard FVHD30H, I get superior quality high definition reception from those stations that broadcast in HD. And, the added plus, I pay nothing to the cable/satellite companies for service.
Thanks again for your outstanding product.

David from Manchester, TN on July 16, 2016.

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