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DISH ViP-211z ReceiverDISH ViP-211z Receiver - Call 866-609-9374 To Order!

Winegard recommends the ViP-211z receiver for use with all Winegard mobile dome satellite products including the Winegard Carryout GM-1518. Other receiver models may not be compatible or could require additional equipment.

  • HD-In-Motion: Watch HD programming while the vehicle is moving when combined with a compatible In-Motion satellite dish.
  • HD Technology – View your favorite shows in either high-definition or standard definition.
  • ViP-211z Mobile Satellite Receiver
  • Compatible with Winegard over-the-air antennas.
  • No need to change inputs. View your local channels right from the DISH programming guide.
  • DVR Ready – Add your own external hard drive to turn this set-top into a DVR for a one-time fee of $40. No monthly DVR fees.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty from date of activation
  • Durable, shake-tested receiver.
  • Small chassis means it will fit in those small enclosed spaces.
  • Single Tuner – Supports programming for a single TV.

DISH Hopper and Joey CompatibilityDISH Hopper and Joey Receiver Compatibility

The new DISH Hopper and Joey receivers require the use of DISH Pro Plus equipment and are only compatible with the following systems:

  • SK-1000
  • TR-6100
  • DS-1005
  • DS-5005

The new DISH Hopper and Joey receivers require the use of DISH Pro Plus equipment and other accessories not provided with Winegard satellite systems. Winegard recommends the 211z receiver for use in an RV or Mobile environment. Receivers that contain a built in hard drive are not designed for use in an environment prone to excessive vibration and/or heat.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-288-8094.
DISH Pro and DISH Pro Plus Equipment

Some DISH accessories are only compatible with DISH Pro or DISH Pro Plus systems. This is most commonly seen with Dual Tuner DVR receivers that are supplied with a separator accessory.

The separator allows 1 coax cable to be wired from a satellite dish to a separator, then split into 2 lines to connect to a DVR. Some Winegard satellite systems use a standard Ku-Band LNB, sometimes referred to as a "legacy" LNB which are NOT compatible with DISH Pro seperators. A DVR receiver requires 2 lines from the satellite dish to the receiver when a separator cannot be used.

Below is a list of Winegard products that are compatible with DISH Pro separators:

  • SK-1000
  • TR-6100
  • DS-1005
  • DS-5005

HD programming is an additional $10/month charge.
Pay-As-You-Go programming plan requires minimum programming and receiver purchase. Monthly fees may apply based on type and number of receivers. All prices, packages and programming subject to change without notice. Local channels may not be available in all areas. All charges, including monthly programming, pay-per-view and equipment upgrades, must be paid in advance; failure to pay by due date will lead to service disconnection within 24 hours. Additional restrictions may apply.
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