DISH ViP211z HDTV Single Tuner Satellite Receiver Tech Specs
DISH ViP211z HDTV Single Tuner Receiver Tech Specs

Size & Weight

  • Height: 2.0”
  • Width: 12.9″
  • Depth: 8.9″

Features & Benefits

  • Single-tuner Satellite Receiver
  • Energy Star Certified
  • HD Technology
  • DVR Ready
  • Supports DISH Pay-as-you-go Programming
  • Compatible with Winegard Over-the-air Antennas
  • Local Channels Included on DISH Programming Guide

Warranty & Support

  • Warranty: 1 Year From Date of Activation


  • An MT2 Over-the-Air (OTA) Module to connect your over-the-air (OTA) antenna directly to your ViP222k or ViP722k DVR satellite receiver
  • View local, digital, over-the-air channels directly through your satellite receiver by integrating the OTA channels into your Program Guide.
  • An OTA antenna must be installed to use the Module.
  • A satellite signal and a DISH programming subscription is required to operate the OTA module.


  • Locate the cover on the left side of the back panel on your DISH Network receiver. Using a Phillips head screwdriver remove the two screws attaching the cover to the receiver. You can dispose of the cover, but you will need the screws for the next step.
  • Carefully slide the Over-The-Air Module into the module port, making sure the labeling on the module is right-side up. Attach the module using the two screws that were removed in the previous step.
  • Connect the cable from your over-the-air antenna to the OVER-THE-AIR ANTENNA IN port on the module.

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