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DIRECTV gives you the most TV for your money.

DISH and DIRECTV both claim to offer the best value.
What DISH doesn't tell you is their basic package strips out 42 of your favorite channels, including AMC, Animal Planet, BRAVO, FX, MSNBC, NFL Network and Hallmark and replaces them with channels you've never even heard of. Plus if you're a sports fan, DISH will make you pay extra to watch your local teams. With DIRECTV's basic package, you'll get what DISH doesn't give you and a whole lot more.

DIRECTV has the most HD channels, period.

DISH and DIRECTV both claim to offer the most HD channels.
DISH doesn't tell you that they count 57 video-on-demand titles as full "HD channels." They also count part-time, game-only channels. With DIRECTV, what you see is what you get. If a 24/7 channel is in HD, we count it, just like you would. And we just announced 30 new HD channels, bringing our total to over 160. DIRECTV has the most full-time HD channels. Period.


DISH and DIRECTV both claim free HD.
DISH's free HD promotion may seem like a good deal, but it'll end up costing you. DISH requires you to pay your first bill even before your service starts. Your additional receiver fees will be higher.

DIRECTV has the most sports, period.

DISH and DIRECTV both claim to offer the best sports.
If you want the best and most sports anywhere, you've got to get DIRECTV. DISH claims to cover all your sports "needs". Needs? DIRECTV simply offers the most sports, as well as the most sports in HD. Every NFL game, every Sunday, every MLB game, the most golf, the most tennis, the most soccer...we could go on. When it comes to sports, there's just no competition.

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