Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have more than one receiver on my account?

A; Yes. At the time of sign up let the Winegard Representative know how many TVs you would like to watch DirecTV. Each receiver/device active on your account adds $6 per month.

Q: How do I receive local channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX & PBS)?

A: Due to FCC regulations, the broadcast signal for local channels may not be available in all locations. DIRECTV broadcast your local channels in the service address you provided at the time of sign up using a “spot beam” that covers only a small area, like a spot light. When traveling outside of your spot beamed area you will no longer be able to pull in local channels by using your satellite antenna. Your home may be located in the middle of a spot beam where you can travel 100 miles and still have your local channels or you could be located on the edge of a spot beam and lose your local channels when only traveling a few miles away from you home service address. You have two options for receiving local channels while traveling outside of your home spot beam. First, you can use an over-the-air (OTA) antenna such as the Winegard Sensar to pick up free local channels in your current location. Second, you can sign up for Distant Network Services (DNS) to receive local channel feeds from New York or Los Angeles. DNS adds $15 to your monthly bill with DirecTV. To subscribe to DNS you must fill out a Mobile Vehicle Affidavit Declaration of Intent form and send it in to DirecTV for approval. For more information please contact DirecTV.

Q: Can I sign up for a commercial account through Winegard?

A: No. Winegard is only capable of putting an account in an individual’s name.

Q: Can I purchase a DirecTV receiver instead of leasing?

A: No. Winegard can only sell leased receivers. If you purchased a receiver from one of our retailers they are still considered leased.

Q: I already have DIRECTV in my home, how can I get it in my mobile vehicle?

A: You can either take a receiver from your home, as long as the receiver is compatible with your mobile antenna, or you can add a receiver to keep in your mobile vehicle onto your home account for an addition $6 per month.

Q: Can a professional DIRECTV technician install a DIRECTV mobile receiver on my RV or boat?

A: A DirecTV technician will only come out to your service address. DirecTV technicians are mainly trained on home satellite antennas therefore they won’t be as familiar with the mobile satellite antennas. Winegard suggests that you contact one of our trained dealerships.

Q: I am Canadian. How can I get DIRECTV while I am in the states?

A: DIRECTV requires a social security number at the time of sign up. Since Canadians do not have a social security number you won’t qualify for some promotions and you will need to pay a $300 fee at the time of sign up in which you will receive back as a credit on your bill monthly in $5 increments. You will also need to have a US credit card with a US billing address.

Q: Why do I have to provide my credit card number and my social security number?

A: We ask for your social security number for both your protection and ours. Because we activate your account over the phone, we want to ensure that no one else can use your identity to establish a separate account. Since many people have similar names and addresses, your social security number is just an additional piece of information that can identify you. Please be assured that DirecTV does everything possible to protect the information that they receive from their customers. They consider all customer account information to be private and confidential. To protect the security systems and policies that they have in place, they cannot disclose any details. DirecTV can reassure you that they are using the most secure protection software available, as well as following all official consumer protection laws and guarantees. Additionally, all of DIRECTV’s Customer Service Representatives are trained to respect customer privacy as well as to abide by their internal security systems

Q: Can I suspend my account?

A: If you will not be using your DIRECTV service and would like to temporarily suspend your account, you can do this at no charge by calling DirecTV at 1-800-531-5000. You can say “suspend services” at the voice prompt and the automated system can complete your request.
Reasons you might put your service on hold include:
• You have a second home and only need service for part of the year
• You are moving or relocating to a new location and it will be a while before you can have DIRECTV service.
Requirements for putting your service on hold.
• Zero balance on your bill
• Customers with only 1 account are allowed a maximum of 2 suspend requests every 12 months
• Customers with 2 or more accounts are allowed a maximum of 4 suspend requests per account every 12 months
• Total time with service suspended per 12 month period cannot exceed 6 months
• The minimum time for an account suspend is 30 days
Additional reminders about putting your service on suspension:
• Service agreements are extended for the amount of time the account is in suspension. For example: Your service agreement expires in June, but then you suspended the account for 4 months. The updated service agreement now ends in October
• Recurring or promotional credits don’t get extended. For example: You currently have 6 months left of a $10 for 12 months credits offer, but suspend your account for 2 months. You will forfeit the credits during the time in suspend. Your account will receive the remaining 4 months of credits when it is reinstated from suspension
• If there is an active sports subscription installment payment on the account, any remaining multi-pay charges are billed to your account when it’s reinstated from suspension even if the season has ended.

Q: Will Winegard come to my location to install or for service?

A: No. Winegard is a manufacturing company located in Burlington, IA. Please contact one of our trained dealerships.

Q: Can I record with DIRECTV?

A: Yes. You will need to have a DVR capable receiver. Advanced Receiver Service adds $15 to your monthly bill.

Q: Can I have a standard definition receiver on my account?

A: As of July 24th 2014 DirecTV will no longer activate new accounts with standard receivers. You must go with high definition receivers. HD is now included in the package price. However, if you had an account prior to July 24th 2014 and have standard equipment active on your account already, you can activate a new standard definition receiver onto your account.

Q: Will I be charged a fee if I cancel my service?

A: If you cancel your service or if your account was deactivated because you did not maintain the minimum programming requirements, you will be charged a deactivation fee of $15. If you cancel before your contract ends, you will be charged a deactivation fee of $15 plus a prorated early cancellation fee of up to $20 a month.
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