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Pathway X1 Antenna (White)
  • Small Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna
  • Optional Roof Mount Kit
  • Effortless Setup with customized DISH receiver interface
  • Supports 2 receivers for 2 TV viewing
  • Powered through DISH receiver, no power cord needed
  • Unique ability to convert to permanent roof mount antenna
  • Stationary use only; must be in a fixed position during use

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Mobile Product Catalog (Info on all satellite and over-the-air RV antennas)

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Mobile Merchandising Kit

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1 WD-197 Clear Holder,
25 WS-100
Clear Single Tier Holder

Order Qty:     
Clear 2-tier Holder

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Trucking - Winegard Pathway X1 Display Pedestal

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Pathway X1 - Shelf A-Frame

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Full Product Line Poster

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Trucking - Winegard Pathway X1 for DISH Flyer (3.67" x 8.5", double sided)

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Trucking - Full Antenna Brochure

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4' Channel Marker (1.22" x 47.5")

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Winegard Background (47" x 71") - Includes Mounting Hardware

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4 per package
  Display Domes

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Pathway X1 for DISH - Display Dome, White

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Pathway X1 for DISH - Display Dome, Black

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  Display Boxes
Pathway X1 w/ Receiver Bundle Display Box

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Pathway X1 Display Box

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  Catalog Sheets
Pathway X1 for DISH - Smallest & Fastest Portable

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Pathway X1 for DISH - Sales Sheet

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MT-4000 Ladder Mount
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MT-4000 Ladder Mount on RV
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RK-2000 Roof Mount Kit
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MT-SM10 Rear Cab Mount
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MT-SM30 Window/Side Vehicle Mount
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Winegard Pathway X1 for DISH Logo
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Winegard Pathway Series for DISH Logo
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Winegard Pathway X1 for DISH
White PA-2000
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Winegard Pathway X1 for DISH
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TR-1518 Tripod Mount and Satellite Antenna
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