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To order by phone please call 1-866-239-2233.
All dealers must complete a Dealer Receiver Account Set Up form before ordering and include a credit card to keep on file to process orders from this form. Orders placed after 12:00 p.m. CST on a business day or during the weekend will be processed the next business day.

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Receivers   (View Satellite Receiver Tech Specs) Part Number MSRP Price Quantity
DIRECTV HD H24 $119.99 $105.00
DIRECTV HD** H25 $129.00 $105.00
DIRECTV HD/DVR HR24 $199.99 $189.00

Select Shipping Method:

Receivers are shipped from Burlington, IA.
Any order over 12 total receiver units will receive free ground shipping.


DIRECTV receivers are leased equipment. Receivers sent to you may be refurbished or new. Winegard, as a DIRECTV retailer, is responsible for all warrantable issues on non-activated receivers and receivers activated less than 90 days. Winegard is responsible for defective equipment replacement but is not responsible for any labor incurred. DIRECTV is responsible for warranty issues on DIRECTV receivers beyond 90 days of activation. Once a receiver has been activated, it cannot be returned for credit. Should a customer deactivate the receiver, they must return the receiver to DIRECTV.

**Recommended for SWM capable products only.

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