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Dealer Rewards

Mobile Dealer

Your success is our success.
Earn up to 5% in factory
cash rebates.
Winegard Product Rewards
Earn Factory Cash Rebates of up to 5% on Winegard automatic satellite TV antennas purchased by September 30th, 2013 when combined with bonus retailer rewards points.

Rebates apply to these automatic satellite TV antennas only:

2 Points Each=
  (SK-3005, SK-1000, SK-7003/SKA-733)

1 Point Each=
RoadTrip Mission
  (RT4000T, RT4035T, RT4000S, RT4035S)
RoadTrip MiniMax
  (RT8000T, RT8035T, RT8000S, RT8035S)
Carryout Automatic Portable
  (GM-1518, GM-1599)
Carryout Anser
Opening Order
Submit invoices to:
Winegard Company
Attn: RV Dealer Rewards Program
3000 Kirkwood St.
Burlington, IA 52601-2000
OR fax to:
Attn: RV Dealer Rewards Program
Dealer must submit to Winegard Company a copy of the distributor invoice of the opening order along with the Winegard RV Dealer Opening Order/Application Form.

NEW! Quarterly Reporting
Get cash back throughout the year with new quarterly rebates! To qualify for Winegard Factory Rebates invoices must be sent to Winegard within 30 days of each quarter end. You cannot include invoices from previous quarters for the current reporting cycle. Invoices not included during the corresponding quarterly payment will be forfeited. Rebate payments may not be carried over to the next quarter. Rebates will not be paid until minimum of $50 has been reached.

Winegard Is Your Partner
Your success is our success! Promotions, technician and sales training, satellite receiver activation sales and online marketing opportunities are just a few of the ways Winegard will work directly with you to strengthen your dealership and increase your sales.

As part of the Dealer Rewards program, Winegard will email you monthly updates outlining your status in the program. You'll know what level you are currently at and how many points you'll need to maximize your rebate.

Dealer Rewards Login
View your current program stats.

Dealer Number

Dealer Rewards Program Guide
For more information, download the complete 2012/2013 U.S. RV Dealer Rewards Program Guide.

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