Winegard Consumer Electronics

Winegard Consumer Electronics

With over 60 years of TV antenna design experience, Winegard continues to set the benchmark for quality and performance with their all new cutting-edge, patented FlatWave HDTV antennas. With a FlatWave, customers will enjoy more gain, better picture and a superior TV viewing experience!
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Sales Contacts

Richard Dreyfus
National Sales Manager – Consumer Electronics


Carrie Carruthers
Inside Sales – Consumer Electronics

Top Reasons Your Customers Want an HDTV Antenna
Why your customers want an HDTV antenna

Cord Cutting Increases with Rising Costs of Cable and Satellite TV
Over 19% of adults in the 18 to 29 age range have become cord-cutters, dropping cable or satellite TV service. (
The high cost of cable and satellite TV packages was cited by 74% of the cord cutters as the reason for dropping service. (
The average cable bill hit a record $99.10 in 2015, which is up 39% from 2012. Projections call for that figure to hit $200 as soon as 2020. (Money Magazine)
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