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What is Club-W?
CLUB-W is for RV enthusiasts interested in learning about the newest Winegard products, changes in RV TV technology and the millions of consumers who already own and love their Winegard RV satellite or over-the-air antenna system. Best of all, CLUB-W is FREE!

What do Members Receive?
  • Special Manufacturer Direct Rebates
  • Monthly CLUB-W E-Newsletter
  • Priority Service at Rallies
  • Priority Email/Technical Support
  • Invitations to CLUB-W Events
  • Entry into Prize Drawings
There are 3 easy ways to sign up for CLUB-W!
  • Sign Up NOW Online using the form below!
  • Download the form (.pdf 1mb) and FAX to 319-754-0606
  • CALL 877-RV-CLUBW (877-782-5829)
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Winegard OTA Products You Own (Select All That Apply)

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Winegard Satellite Products You Own (Select All That Apply)

TRAVLER Satellite Antennas
DISH Network SK-1000
Shaw Direct SK-7003, SKA-733
Portable Satellite Antennas
Carryout Automatic GM-1518
Carryout Manual GM-MP1
Carryout Shaw Direct GM-0700
Other Portable
Automatic Roof Mounted Domes
Stationary Roof Mounted Dome
In-Motion Roof Mounted Dome
Other Satellite Antenna
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