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Winegard’s durable and reliable residential fixed antennas deliver trouble free service


This post is the second in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company


Winegard designs its fixed consumer antennas according to Design for eXcellence (DfX) principles. This philosophy encourages communication and cooperation between the Winegard departments responsible for the design and manufacture of the product. Winegard’s DfX process increases product quality, reliability and ultimately, consumer satisfaction. Winegard’s reflector dishes come with wind ratings that have been validated through Winegard’s qualification and functional testing, a process that includes in-depth range and field testing.


The Ku band


The Ku band for satellite communications is used primarily for broadcasting satellite television. The size of a user’s Ku band satellite dish depends upon the transmitting power and frequency of the satellite signal being received. Other issues affecting performance and size includes whether the user has a clear line of sight to the satellite, signal quality at their location, and the density of tree coverage surrounding the home. Weather can also impact satellite signal quality, an issue that can be partially offset with a larger diameter dish.


In addition to a strong domestic market, Winegard’s reflectors are sold internationally throughout Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Latin America and as far away as New Zealand.


A variety of sizes


For residential fixed antennas, Winegard has designed and tooled 12 reflector sizes, with the current reflector lineup running from 46 cm to 1 meter in diameter. These strong, reliable antenna solutions are manufactured from galvanized steel and finished with a five-step, textured thermoset powder coat. A hydrophobic agent added to the finish helps repel water and snow. Mounts are manufactured from galvanized steel and e-coated for maximum protection.


Winegard manufactures over 500,000 reflector dish antennas monthly, and the company’s central geographic location provides for quicker lead times and rapid response to changing customer demand. In addition to broadcast television reception, Winegard’s reflectors also support wireless broadband reception.


Winegard is a primary supplier of reflectors to DTH services such as DISH Network, Bell, Sky Mexico, Sky New Zealand as well as multiple Sky locations throughout Latin America.

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