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Winegard updates traditional technology for modern day use


This post is the first in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company.


Traditional over-the-air antennas built the foundation of the manufacturing powerhouse that is now Winegard Company. In the early 1950’s, Winegard founder and Iowa native John Winegard designed and built the world’s first all channel Yagi antenna, revolutionizing the antenna industry.


Today, TV antennas many seem like equipment from a previous era, but strong demand remains among consumers who want to cut their cable cord and enjoy a better picture. HDTV antennas provide excellent reception, and Winegard offers consumers with a wide range of choices.


Outdoor HDTV antennas


For consumers seeking the durability of an outdoor HDTV antenna, Winegard offers Yagi products with a variety of range and signal reception. Less expensive models can provide HDTV reception from up to 30 miles from a tower, while Winegard’s top-of-the-line units offer H-VHF and UHF signals up to 65 miles from a tower. Winegard makes a line of UHF-only digital HDTV antennas, an amplified 360HD omni-directional antenna, and a bow-tie design antenna that increases UHF gain. Winegard’s state-of-the art FlatWave Air boasts a true dual-path design with separate amplification paths for VHF and UHF, increasing signal handling capability and eliminating distortion. This antenna is powered by a USB connector attached directly to an HDTV … and looks cool too.


Indoor HDTV antennas


When it comes to indoor HDTV antennas, Winegard’s FlatWave line is designed to be a sleek, inconspicuous addition for consumers living in metropolitan areas. Its ultra-thin dual color design blends into any surrounding. The FlatWave Mini is ideal for small living spaces and businesses, and the FlatWave High and FlatWave High Amplified antennas allow the user to get up and running in a matter of moments.


Winegard now sells its over-the-air antennas in North America. These antennas are easily modified to perform internationally.

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