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Winegard facilitates business and commercial communications with VSAT products


This post is the last in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company


For business and commercial communications, VSAT (very small aperture terminal) is the preferred communication platform where there is no fiber and cable available, where two-way on-the-go communications is required, and where it is critical to have a communication back-up system. Because of the shrinking size and growing portability of VSAT antennas and terminals, a broad range of industries are increasingly deploying this vital communications device. Industries using VSATs around the globe include oil and gas, military and defense, emergency management, satellite news gathering (SNG), and maritime operations. Winegard has developed many innovative antenna solutions to maximize performance in harsh environments and address the needs of its business partners.


The Winegard WV750A


The Winegard WV750A 75 cm Ka auto-deploy satellite system features robust mechanics and electronics for fast satellite acquisitions and reliable operations, even in the harshest environments. The Ka-band service provides vastly improved internet access for exploration, drilling and production on remote sites and offshore drilling platforms. The integrated GPS compass replaces a traditional magnetic compass which maximizes the speed of satellite acquisition and ensures correct operation in magnetized environments such as mining. Its rugged design and ultra-low backlash gear train ensures a reliable and superior performing system.


In addition, the WV750A’s low stow height and small footprint allow it to be mounted on a vehicle or platform where space is limited. The roof mounted capability makes this antenna an ideal solution for SNG and emergency management applications. This antenna system meets Mil-spec standards thus ensuring a rugged, reliable, and high performing broadband antenna solution. The WV750A low profile drive-away satellite antenna has been authorized for use on ViaSat Exede® Enterprise service. With download speeds up to 18Mbps, Exede Enterprise service will be a substantial improvement in the speeds available compared to current remote internet services.


The Winegard WM1000 is an automatic-aiming mount for wireless broadband communications that features a single one-button operation. Unlike fixed mount options, the automatic aiming capability greatly reduces downtime in critical communications/data in situations when the reflector position changes and it is unable to maintain signal. Designed to handle heavy payloads, the mount provides unsurpassed efficiency, higher throughput over longer distances, simplicity and reliability. It is suitable for mobile applications such as oil & gas operations, news gathering/broadcast, emergency response management, and public safety.


SF Series VSAT Antennas


Winegard’s SF series auto-deploy antenna solutions are ideal broadband solutions where space is at a premium. The unique design allows the antenna to be stowed over the positioner, thus reducing space needed in half when the antenna is stowed. These antenna solutions are designed for ease of transportability with an available skid that protects the unit from damage. Both the SF1200 and SF840 are outdoor self-contained units that require no indoor unit for the controller and HVAC.


The Winegard RD-1200


Winegard’s RD-1200 Rapid-Deploy Ku VSAT Antenna System with Tripod Mount delivers a high performance auto-acquire solution at a low cost, making it an effective alternative to manually deployed systems. Pointing errors are eliminated, and the “re-peaking” feature allows signal strength to be maximized. This unit is easily transportable, with a system that includes a controller, transport case and a patented tripod mount. It requires no tools and is easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes.

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