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On the road: Free HD programming through Winegard’s mobile over-the-air antennas


This post is the third in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company


For RV enthusiasts and truckers, an over-the-air antenna can combine on-the-road freedom and flexibility with the desire for free local HD programming. Consumers and truckers looking to incorporate these kinds of antennas into their travel experience should evaluate the antenna’s mobility, performance and reliability. Winegard’s mobile OTA HD antennas are recognized for their ability to deliver top rated local programming with a sharp HD picture.


Sensar line


Winegard’s Sensar antennas have led the RV antenna market for over 30 years. Winegard’s new models are optimized for digital HD reception in all markets, and they are designed to provide the best possible range. Sensar antennas can capture channels broadcast from up to 55 miles away, and the antenna’s exceptional VHF capabilities enable viewers to watch their favorite shows that are broadcast in low signal frequencies. The Sensar’s built in amplifier boosts weaker television signals to provide crystal clear reception.


Sensar antennas have passed Winegard’s rigorous UV and environmental testing, and powder coating adds to the antennas durability. They can be raised and lowered from inside the parked vehicle when viewers are pinpointing the exact angle for the best reception.


Rayzar line


Winegard revolutionized portable HDTV antennas with the launch of its ultra-thin Rayzar. The indoor Rayzar line consists of amplified and non-amplified antennas that acquire top rated programs in HD. Designed for the mobile lifestyle, Winegard Rayzar antennas are perfect for pop-up campers and for trucking. The antennas are designed to be extremely user-friendly, equipped with extra-long coax for optimal placement and quick release suction cup clips for hassle-free setup and adjustment. In addition to the indoor Rayzar antennas, Winegard also offers the Rayzar Air. This is an ultra thin, sleek design roof-mounted antenna. The antenna has bi-directional reception, which enhances channel availability as is receives broadcast signals from multiple directions.


Winegard’s top product in the Rayzar line is the Rayzar Automatic, the company’s first fully automatic amplified digital HDTV broadcast antenna. Its auto-aiming feature means there is no manual aiming or cranking, no online search for tower locations, and no need to ask your neighbors for the best antenna angle. In short, the Rayzar Automatic represents the next generation in digital and HD broadcast TV antennas. It is Winegard’s first over-the-air antenna that initiates an automatic 360° scan, and its state-of-the-art amplifier delivers more channels with little or no picture loss. The antenna’s enhanced dual band VHF/UHF reception means that users can receive channels unavailable to other compact, UHF-only antennas. In addition, the antenna’s design minimizes space on the vehicle roof, and its low profile dome protects the antenna’s circuitry from weather elements.

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